Social Welfare and Women Development

Gender Reform Action Plan (GRAP)
The Gender Reforms Action Plan (GRAP) is a product of the global, national and local commitments of the government to redress gender issues. It focuses primarily on institutional change for achieving gender equality. It is expected to catalyze actions entailing gender mainstreaming in the provincial departments.
Establishment of "Gehwara"
The Punjab government established ‘Gehwara’, a centre for newborn babies, in Multan where children will be nourished till the age of seven.
Miscellaneous Initiatives
Other initiatives taken up by the government include:
  • The Punjab Government has established 420 vocational training institutes where people will acquire valuable skills enabling them to earn a living.
  • A thousand rupee stipend is being granted to underprivileged women by the Punjab Government.
  • The Punjab Government launched a microcredit scheme for women to heighten economic activity in rural areas. It targets businesses that have the potential for growth.